Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Looking for a new laptop/travel bag

I have been on the hunt for a new laptop tote bag for the
past couple of months. Due to my indecisive and picky nature...
of course I have been having a difficult time doing so ><

I've had my current one for well over 5 years and I'm afraid
it will not last on me for when I travel overseas. It has been
around the world with me lol

If you guys have any suggestions or know of any bags
that will easily fit a 15" laptop, please let me know!
It doesn't necessarily have to have a laptop compartment,
because I can always use a separate case to hold it.

I do have a budget though... I don't really want to spend
anything over $90 just because I don't really feel the need to.

I'm looking for something simple, but stylish, while being quite
practical... is that too much to ask for? lol :p
01. eBay (Burmingham tote) $51
This bag is pretty practical because it has a zipper, unlike the other 2 below :(
But I kind of wish it didn't have that many studs. I know this like a Valentino
inspired/copy bag, but it fits my laptop and the handles look quite sturdy!
02. eBay (Large Canvas Shopper) $57
This is a nice casual, but stylish looking bag... I'm just not too sure
about the handles >> they look very short and I would like something
longer to carry it over my shoulder. This doesn't have any zippers as well.
It's like an open tote, but they give you a strap/chain to pinch the 2 sides closer together.
03. eBay (Reversible Pattern Tote) $56
This bag is kind of impractical but it's large enough... >>
It doesn't have zippers as well, so I'm most likely not buying this one.

Let me know what you guys think! I need help deciding!


  1. Really an amazing selection of laptop bags (laptoptassen) shown here. Seeing this beautiful collection, truly feels like buying all. Various web stores also deals in offering these bags at fair prices.

    Thanks for sharing. Would love to see more.

  2. hows the quality of the leather from that the first studded bag ebay seller? i see this style bag on there ( that i've wanted for a while seems like a very good price. let me know!


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