Saturday, May 03, 2014

MemeBox LuckyBox #2

The Lucky Box #2 from Memebox is SO worth the money.
I took these photos from another camera, so the quality isn't the best,
but I just had to share this as soon as possible! :p I took these photos
for a friend, but why not share it here as well :p

The Tea Tree Essence and the Sunblock is marketed as more of a "natural" product.
I paid about $15 for this box because it was my first purchase from them.
Now that is a DEAL, seriously >> It took about 3 weeks for it to arrive though.
The box contains 3 full size products + the sheet masks. The lip gloss is already $15!
There is technically a total of 8 items in the entire box :D

The box came with either the Espoir Lip Gloss or Lipstick, and I got the Lip Gloss.
I'm usually not a big fan of Lip Gloss and I rarely wear it as well, but this gloss is really lovely.
I should do a separate review on it another time. It's the Espoir Color Fit Rouge Gloss  :)

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