Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Pure Heals Propolis 27 Cover Cushion

I discovered Pure Heals a few months ago and I wanted to try their CC Cream,
but it was sold out on the ibuybeauty website. I decided to give the famous cover
cushion a try :p This is actually the MOST natural cushion type product from Korea
at the moment (that I know of). Pure Heals follows the EWG's Skin Deep Database!

This is the direct link to their product, including an ingredients list, along with the Database info.

I haven't seen any reviews on this so far.

☆ very good coverage (medium)
☆ a little bit goes a long way, I put on way too much at first...
☆ affordable cushion type foundation (approx. $21)
☆ gives you a very glowy complexion
☆ lasting power is good, but not for dry patches
☆ the puff/pad is really nice, it doesn't absorb the liquid
☆ very blend-able and easy to work with
☆ high SPF of 50 PA +++
☆ you can get the refill for approx. $13

☆ the foundation starts to separate a little on dry patches/skin
☆ it's not the most hygienic packaging...
☆ works only for fair skin... and I mean quite fair...

I'm probably a shade 15 or 20 in MAC (I don't wear MAC, but as a reference...)
and I find this a tiny bit light on me. It still works, but I don't like using this on
my entire face. I like using this around my cheek area because of the coverage.
I have some post acne scars from when I was a teenager on my left cheek and
I don't even need to use concealer after :) I can't use this on the lower half of
my face (around lips/chin) because I have dry patches there, most likely from
my spot treatments and it really emphasizes it... even if I exfoliate. I don't know
why... I get that with everything I have tried (concealers/foundations, etc).

The only foundation that works for me and is my holy grail, is the 100% Pure
foundation in White Peach. That is literally the only foundation I have found
that works best for me, no matter what. But this cushion may work for you,
if you like to get that very glowy-like complexion and have normal-dry skin.

This is an okay foundation for combination skin, because it does hold up quite
well, but you will definitely get a bit oily throughout the day. I do not recommend
this for oily skin though, because it's already very glowy.

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  1. Amazing!)) I’m following you with GFC, hope you’ll do the same <3


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