Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Missha Super Aqua Peeling Gel

omg I haven't posted in forever >< anyway I have been on Tumblr lately and just abandoned this blog >> I ran out of my Mario Badescue Whitening Mask and wanted to try peeling gels. This gel is supposed to help remove the dead skin cells on your face and brighten up the complexion as well.

The moment I started rubbing this onto my face, clumps of white stuff started forming and wanting to fall off... assuming they are the dead skin cells themselves. Well I had quite a lot lol =p I did notice my face being a bit brighter and was a bit smoother but I'll have to use this several more times to see if I like it... I think it's okay for now =p

I really liked my Mario Badescue Whitening Mask... it made my skin feel moisturized and also made my skin appear very bright and pretty =p but I like to try new products so if nothing else works as good, then I'll have to purchase it again some time =]

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