Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring loving...

I am loving the new H&M Conscious Collection which will be in stores in April <3 the skirt from the far right is from Love the style and colour =] I don't think I would wear it often though so I'm not sure whether I should get it or not... it's $26

I also recently purchased my first leather handbag from ^^ I love the colour and the size! I'm quite petite so the size is quite lovely. Not too big or too small... fits my body frame. The tassels are really cute as well =p I got the bag for around $60 while it was on sale and free shipping! <3


  1. Beautiful bags!! I'm so addicted to ASOS now that they offer free shipping :-) xoxoxoo

  2. I know >< it's so bad I always feel tempted just because shipping is free =p


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