Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Forever21 current favs

These are just some of my current favourite items from the Forever21 Canada website =] The weather is still kind of cold where I live =[ I'm not really feeling the spring just yet... maybe just the beginning because at least I hear birds chirping outside of my window =]

I just made a new page called FREE GRAPHICS :) (located on the sidebar under WISHLIST <3). I put all the wallpapers I designed on the page for easy access.

My nails looked like this the past few days =] I just took them off today ><

Base: Cuccio Natural base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Gem'
Design: Konad M62
Top: Konad top coat


  1. Love the nails! Nice picks.. I like the flat pumps and the stripy dress!

  2. Nic Nic: Thanks =] I'm considering if I should get the flats if I see them in store because I want them to be comfortable ><

  3. Hi! New follower =) Thanks for following my blog btw! I love forever 21 and your nails!

  4. Jeanine: np and thanks for following and commenting =]


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