Saturday, July 23, 2011

The MODern French

I love French Manicure designs of almost all colours.
They are elegant, simple and suitable for all ages :)
This design is suitable for the 60's and colour blocking! ;p

Base: Cuccio Natural Base Coat
Colour: OPI 'sweetheart' (3 coats -.- not a very good consistency from OPI!)
Tip design: Konad M19
Top: Konad special top coat


  1. love this design! this is way too cute ♥

  2. i love french manicure too, but i've never tried it with different colors. i just might try it though. :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. blah i never even thought about doing this untill now!

  4. beautiful mani! i love the pastels! :) canadian blogger! *high five*!

  5. love the color combo!

  6. Amy: thank you! :)
    Mimi: make sure to post a picture if you do! =p
    Payton: you should definitely try it and link me to a post perhaps? :)
    Jenny: thanks :) lol *high five* ;p
    Elizabeth: thanks :)


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