Monday, October 31, 2011

Olive Glittery Goodness

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colour: China Glaze 'It's Alive' (I love this colour!)
Top: Priti Polish top coat

I didn't do any designs on my nails this week :)
Sometimes, the colour is all you need! and glitter :)

Every year during Halloween, I am bound to get my hands
on some candy =p what are your favourites?
I enjoy skittles, starbursts, tootsie rolls, cheetos, etc =p

and Happy Halloween to all of you who celebrate it! :)
remember to be safe and don't follow strangers! =p


  1. I love the starburst candy for halloween! yums!

    I swear your nails look the exact colour of what green tea and olive would be mixed together although that's actually your base.

    And I love glittery nail polish as well but it's so tough and such a hassle getting it off. Do you do anything special to remove glitter nail polishes?

  2. Nichole: lol I know what you mean with removing them ><
    I guess it's all about being patient. I try to soak up
    a cotton pad and hold it on each nail for 20-30sec and
    then I go back to remove it. It helps to loosen up the
    glitter and polish, so you don't have to rub as hard :)

  3. Serah: thank you :)
    and I like how your name is spelt :)

  4. OMG! peiji!! hahah i can't believe i found you on blogspot. guess who ;D

  5. Dolly Daydream: yes it is! :)

  6. Such a beautiful colour, I'm gonna have to find it, I love it!x

  7. cute bear :3

    i love your nail posts! :o <3

  8. Celia: it should be easy to find!
    Donna: thank you!

  9. I love your halloween nails, they're so slimy and fun! =D


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