Thursday, November 03, 2011

TREASURE find Thursdays!

Every Thursday, I will try to post up something I find worth checking out :)
This week, I was searching for some mineral eyeshadows and came across
this lovely seller on Etsy called LoveHues! :) What really caught my eye were
the unique shade of colours! I am thinking of purchasing the ones above myself!

I'm a huge fan of opalescent shades and her eyeshadows look amazing!
The names of her eyeshadows are also quite lovely and suitable :)

Check out her Etsy shop here :)
The mineral eyeshadows are about $6 USD each, but you can get samples as well!


  1. what a great find! I've got my eyes on Citrus Sunrise and Desert Sun, so pretty. Love your blog! Lots of great information. I'm following you now :)

    pax//andrea marie

  2. Andrea Marie: thank you! they are so lovely!

  3. i love underwater chameleon! it sure looks unique, i've never seen an eyeshadow like it. though i'm not sure if i'd ever wear a colour like that out!

  4. Angela: yah I wouldn't wear most of these colours
    all over, I want them mainly for lining the upper
    or lower lash line lol =p

  5. Buried Treasure is a nice neutral, thanks for the link.;D

    ***** Marie *****
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  6. the shades are definitely unique! and they are so pigmented, it's amazing! :)

    <3, Mimi

  7. Marie: definitely! and np! :)
    Mimi: I know! I love the colours, I want to get all her eyeshadows lol


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