Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shoe envy.

01 Clarendon Wedge. 02 Remson side bow flat. 03 Clarendon Wedge 
04 Cassidy bow flat .05 Hilari peep toe. 06 Sarah stripe wedge
Admit it, you love shoes too :p

All of the shoes above are from Payless. Is it just me or does the United States have a better
selection of shoes... anywhere! :( I wish Payless would have an online store for Canada...
I mean, what the heck is taking them so long!? they even have a website for Canadians, but
you can't even order from there :( Yes, I envy you people in the States >>

Whenever I go into a Payless shoe store where I live, I never see a good selection of styles
and SIZE. I'm a size 5 or smaller, so it's difficult for me to find shoes that fit. Am I going
to the wrong places? please let me know.

I am still on the hunt for a nice nude heel and I'm thinking of investing in a pair from a
website called Pretty Small Shoes. They're all handmade and have sizes from 32-35!
They often have nice sales near the end of the year :)

1 comment:

  1. i love #4! very nice colour combo.

    the photos were taken at a chinese mall by my house. oriental centre if you know it (?) it was kind of cold, but the socks kept me fairly warm and my jacket was long enough to cover up.


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