Sunday, February 12, 2012

Iris Dust

I'm always up for unique nail colours, so when I stumbled upon Nubar's 'Iris Dust', I had to try it :)
Sorry for the uneven coats on the thumb and ring finger >< had a little 'accident' >>

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Iris Dust' (3 coats, as it's quite sheer)
Design: Konad Image Plate M87 (new plate!)
Top: Konad top coat

I guess this is like a 'half moon' manicure, but with a twist :p


  1. hey peiji do you sell matte top coats at your shop? i want to get the essie one, but i don't think i've seen it at shoppers.

  2. :D pretty! when i grow my nails again, i'll try this look :)

  3. wow that is just gorgeous <3

  4. Ooh sexy mani :)
    I don't know why, but your blog doesn't show up on my dashboard :/ I'll try to keep up tho~
    Hope all is well xx

  5. I love the silver detail on your nails! Can't even notice the mistake :)

  6. Pretty, pretty! Love the design :)


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