Thursday, May 17, 2012

the scents of 'Florence'

I'm on a roll with my outfit posts :)
I went out with a friend today, visited Anthropologie and Value Village.
I found a perfume I liked at Anthropologie, by a brand called Tocca :)
Their 'Florence' scent is lovely <3

Printed top: Forever21
Blazer: Urban Planet
Cropped trousers:
I wore my 4" beige/nude wedges/sandals with this outfit :)


  1. i love the printed top along with the trousers! how you matched one of the colours in the top to your bottoms :)

    1. aw I didn't even think about that when picking out my outfit XD

  2. I do love the colours on your top - very bright and vibrant! reminds me of the summer and warm weather :D


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