Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bag Haus

Some of the handbags at baghaus are worthy to purchase and definitely to look at =] The prices aren't so bad as well. The leather handbags are definitely worth the price on the website.

My Top Picks =]
top left: Nicole Lee Charlotte Croco Bowler (Natural) $69.95
top right: Nicole Lee Pretty Annette Bag $67.95 - vegan leather
bottom right: Urban Expressions Silves Tote $69.95 - vegan leather

I am in love with the Hermes look alike =p but the Silves tote is much more convenient because there is a zipper closure on the top. You don't have to lift the flap or unlock anything to get to your necessities =] The Croco bowler is definitely a statement piece and both of these handbags are great for all seasons =] The Annette bag is leaning more towards Spring/Summer.

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