Monday, March 22, 2010

Samsung 2View

The Samsung 2View digital camera looks amazing, with the first dual LCD touch screen, 3.5 touch screen display, and a 27mm wide angle lens.

I haven't had the chance to look at the camera in person yet, but the next time I'm near a Future shop or Bestbuy, I'll definitely check it out =] although this camera doesn't have enough of the specs I would like from a camera. The focus is only from 3.5... and I am a macro lover so I need at least a 2.8 =p which my current Canon has but is getting quite old. My Canon SD400 is still my favourite though... I just think something is wrong with the focus =[ sad sad

For more information click here =]


  1. Looks pretty awesome with the 2 lcd screens, but do you really need it?

    lol, I never know what to look at ¬¬ I just look at the MP's

  2. I know I don't need it =p I just like to look at new things >> this camera actually has an airbrushing tool that makes your skin appear nice and glow >> lol I want to see it.

  3. lol I didnt mean it like that =p more like"does a person really need 2 screens">< lol =p

    Would like to see it aswell, sounds fancy

  4. I duno >> could be handy if you're traveling alone and you want to take pictures of yourself against the landscape =\ when no one is there or for takings pictures with friends


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