Friday, March 05, 2010

waterbased nail polish

I've been looking into waterbased nail polish lately.

I know there are a lot of polishes like Priti, Suncoat, Aquarella, and so much more o.o They should really start to put themselves out in the market. Anyway... I don't even remember what I was going to say about these polishes ><

moving on... >>

I've been quite annoyed by a few things lately >> "pet peeves"

01 people biting their nails
02 people breathing heavily... which I could hear from 1-3 metres away
03 people doing that "tz" sound with their teeth and tongue...
04 people walking severely slow in front of me >> (I'm a fast walker)
05 people pushing to get onto a bus or subway >>

When I was on the subway home this afternoon, there was this lady who sat next to me and she would not stop biting her nails... she kept on picking at her nails and the skin around it >< er and this guy sitting behind her kept on tapping on the metal bar with his ring >> he was also tapping the floor with his feet... ><

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