Wednesday, March 31, 2010

smile, you

Korean drama of the moment =]
I haven't been able to find a good drama for this year yet.

Smile, you is a pretty good one... but quite long with 45 episodes... well not that long if you've seen a drama with over 100 episodes =p ex. Golden Bride (a really good kdrama as well)

This is a family/romance drama and the characters are all somewhat different with funny characteristics. Some of the characters tend to get on my nerves and well I tend to skip some parts of each episode because I've been watching too many kdramas in my lifetime so far and I kind of know what happens >>

This drama started filming in October 2009 =p and ended early March 2010... so I'm not that behind >>

another anticipated drama with SiWon from super junior called Oh! My Lady with ChaeRim was supposed to be good but I can't really tell yet. I saw the first episode but reminded me of Full House and wasn't that interesting ><

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