Tuesday, April 13, 2010

H-Logic & Back to the Basic

Both Lee Hyori and Rain have released their new album/songs =] it's been a while since both of them have been singing again. I am loving both of their comebacks, especially Hyori's new album... very fresh and new =] I like.

01. 널 붙잡을 노래
02. Hip Song
03. One
04. 똑같아 (Same)
05. Love Song (English Version)

1. I'm Back
2. Love Sign -Feat by 상추(마이티마우스)
3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Feat by Ceejay of Freshboyz
4. Feel The Same
5. Bring It Back -Feat by 베카(애프터스쿨), 전지윤(포미닛)
6. Highlight -Feat by Bizzy
7. 그네 -Feat by 개리(리쌍)
8. Scandal
9. 100 Percent
10. Want Me Back
11. How Did We Get -Duet by 대성(빅뱅)
12. So cold
13. Get 2 Know -Feat by Double K
14. MEMORY -Feat by Bizzy

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