Monday, April 19, 2010

100% pure update

I received my peppermint toner and peach glow lip/cheek tint this morning =] which completes my new skin care 'kit' and I tried the tinted moisturizer in 'peach bisque' but it was a shade darker than I thought >< I was originally planning on buying another shade darker but I'm glad I didn't =p apparently my skin is quite light >> even though I always imagine it to be light/medium >< I'm just hoping it would work well when I'm tanned in the summer... because I always get tanned in summer >> but then again... I hope it doesn't become too light for my skin lol =p I'm willing to sell it for $35-$40 because I only used a few small pumps.

I tried out the lip/cheek tint this morning right when I got it =p it didn't work that well on my lips... but that's maybe because I put it straight on from the stick... it should work better if you pat it with your fingers. I pat the colour onto my cheek with my fingers and I really liked the subtle colour/glow. You can also slowly build up the colour, which I like =] (I'm wearing it in the picture below =])

I also got these pair of chopsticks from my cousins friend... he got them from Japan =] was very nice and let me choose one =]

and here are two lovely red bean and custard buns =p

and my lovely nails =p and no they are not fake in case you were wondering >< =]

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