Sunday, May 16, 2010

beauty on the beach

I am in love with the colour "Beauty on the Beach" from China Glaze =p it is an amazing colour for summer and is super fun and bright =] actually... this is the first China Glaze polish I used... there is a technique to painting with this colour... I had to paint a thin layer and then another thin layer to get the right colour. I tend to just paint a thick layer but that didn't turn out well with this polish =\

I am so full from eating this for dinner >> some of which I do not know what it is called in English XD if that even made any grammatical sense >> there is... rice... clearly >> mushrooms, veges, duck, and some unknown sea-like creatures I love to eat >> =p

and this is what I do when I am bored at work >> sorry for the quality... I don't carry my Nikon D60 around everywhere >> wish I could but I hate to carry a lot of stuff... even though I sometimes carry a lot of stuff >> I'm one of those "in case" types of people... like in case I need something, I'll just bring it even though I probably wouldn't even need it >>


  1. I realized that ever since I'm with you that I had ALOT of new foods, but still never duck...

    or have I......

  2. not sure >> maybe during the times we had dinner with my parents >> lol or maybe even during christmas? hmm


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