Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Current Kdrama's

I'm always open to seeing new kdrama's =] I recently finished Cinderella's Sister and Prosecutor Princess. Both of them were pretty good and I would definitely recommend them =] Cinderella's Sister is a twist on Cinderella, instead of focusing on 'Cinderella' herself, there is another side of the story that focuses mainly on the stepmother and sister. The plot is kind of sad >> warning: a ton of crying scenes like no tomorrow lol

I am currently watching Coffee House and A Good Day for the Wind to Blow (what a long name ><). They are both still airing I believe >> Coffee House is nothing like Coffee Prince although they both are related to coffee >> hence the name but the plot is completely different...

You're Beautiful; another kdrama I've seen in the past was similar to Coffee Prince (but in my opinion failed >>) but had nothing to do with coffee...

Prosecutor Princess is a mystery/crime/romance and is definitely a lovely drama =] The main character starts off as naive and innocent but she slowly becomes mature through her job as a prosecutor.

A Good Day for the Wind to Blow is a family/romance drama with up to 179 episodes =p it's a nice drama to watch and I mainly watched it because of Kim So Eun. You may recognize her from the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers =] and from one of my favourite kdrama's of all time 'The Man Who Can't Get Married'. She is a lovely actress and I hope to see some more roles from her in the future!

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  1. I wrote a post about my fave k-drama also back then!And my most fave one is Prosecutor Princess :D Hope there'll be a sequel for that!

    Oh,but I don't like Cinderella's Sister btw.Too gloomy :/


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