Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mulberry sale now on!!!

Unfortunately I cannot afford a Mulberry handbag YET >> oh my freakin' !@# lol my green Bayswater is on sale >> from $4568 to $2284 *sigh* if only they didn't have it in Ostrich... then it would be a lot more inexpensive and I would so get it >> some day =p not sure when the sale ends but check out their website =]

I'm also eying the new Carter handbag from Kooba for their pre-fall 2010 collection >>

This handbag is also my current favourite from Valentino <3

and bored >> should study *sigh*


  1. lol purses >> I like the green one...and the last photo <3 =p

  2. yah the green one is nice =D


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