Monday, June 14, 2010

Honeydew EOS lipbalm

So cute and adorable!!! lol I originally wanted the Sweet Mint flavour but I couldn't find it on eBay without being overly expensive >> I also wanted the new Lemon Drop one but I ended up picking the Honeydew because I don't have anything Honeydew scented/flavoured and I really like the scent =]

The lip balm itself isn't so great because it doesn't seem to last long and no matter how much I put on or layer... doesn't seem to even be layering >< but I love the packaging and is really cute =p so I actually wouldn't mind using it all the time XD which is good in a way because I only put on lip balm in the morning and at night before I sleep... this will help me keep my lips moisturized... somewhat throughout the day... although it fades away in like 10 minutes >>

1 comment:

  1. it sort of reminds me of thing in on your book shelves with the ball inside lol ><

    Does it...taste/smell gd?


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