Friday, January 06, 2012

Love. Sparks

First nail design for 2012! :)
I had no idea what to do honestly, but this is what I ended up with :)

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Tip Colour: OPI 'Significant Other Color'
Rose Design: Konad image plate M65
Glitter: OPI 'Rainbow Connection'
Top: Konad top coat

This design is great for Valentine's Day ;p

Hope you're all having a great start to the new year :)
I'm sick :(

(4:36pm) Dinner anyone?! :p nom nom nom


  1. lovely nails! the fod looks healthy and yummy too. Happy new year Peiji!

  2. I adore the nails... very cool and intricate design! The food lucks yummy, too!

  3. That nail design is adorable!! I unfortunately can't have long nails for work purposes so I could never try out anything like that :'(

  4. you always have the prettiest nails and the yummiest food! :)

    <3, Mimi

  5. Nic Nic: thank you! :)
    Amber: thank you for dropping by!
    Phoebe: I'm sure I can do a lot of designs on your nails! ;p
    Mimi: :D thanks :)

  6. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!
    They look beautiful, u're so good at it u reeeeaaallly are!! I want mine like yours :P
    Gorgeous!!!! Nicely done Peji (as always)
    I hope u get better, pretty much everyone around mine is sick as well :s :s

  7. Ana: Thank you! :)
    I'm a lot better now :)


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