Monday, January 30, 2012

Crush Jewels

This beautiful aquamarine stone ring was purchased a while ago from Crush Jewels.
She has an Etsy shop and is also selling some of her jewelry on eBay.
They are handmade and some are made to order.

The sizing is a bit unfamiliar.
I usually wear a size 6 in stores like Aldo accessories and Forever21.
However, I would really need a size 4.5-5 for this particular ring.
The ring was too big for me at first, but they kindly let me mail it back
to be fixed. I received it back in about a week or 2... can't remember.
She gave me an extra pair of earrings! how kind!

The wire/ring is made of brass and is very strong and sturdy!
I'm trying to avoid mass produced jewelry and trying to buy things
that I know will last for a long time (and not rust :p)

They have a lot of lovely vintage/victorian pieces!

and the reason why I haven't been posting outfit photos...
well simply because I have been wearing the same things over and over again! lol
I can never live without my mini skirts in the winter or summer ><
left: grey shirt (Stitches), pink cardigan (, skirt (Urban Planet)
right: purple top (, sweater (H&M), skirt (

green top (, tank dress (H&M), leggings (Urban Planet)


  1. for some reason i've always thought aquamarine was a dark blue. but the colour to the stone is just sooo pretty! a few years back a girl taught me how she made jewlery. and we used wire just like that but with fake bead/stones! from what i can remember, it was fairly easy to do. the outcome of the necklaces we made looked quite similar to the one you have here.

    love the green slouchy top! recently discovered romwe and i like a lot of their stuff

    1. I used to make jewelry when I was younger lol I still have a box of beads
      and accessories in boxes >< I miss making jewelry! I should wear accessories
      more often. I used to wear a lot of bracelets ><

      yah Romwe has some great stuff, but most of it is so over priced -.-
      I always have to wait for their sales! :)

  2. they're so pretty! Wished jewelry online shopping wasn't so hard for me - my fingers are way too skinny >_<

    1. yah I'm always afraid to buy rings, but I gave in because
      I really liked the ring lol. You can always measure around
      your finger and send them the measurements if you're not sure :)

  3. What a lovely ring and good customer service. Thanks for the link, I'll go check the store after this.:D

    1. definitely good customer service! :)
      they have a lot of unique pieces!

  4. I hardly ever really think about fashion. I like my clothes & try to buy nice things, but I just don't think about it too much. I love that you make me think about it more!

    1. I'm happy to know that! :) I like my clothes and try to buy
      nice things once in a while as well. I always try to come
      up with new outfits with what I already have :)

  5. I love this jewellery.. looks gorgeous.. great post..x


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