Saturday, January 14, 2012

As much as I would...

like to post something rather interesting...
I do have things I want to share but do not have the time to necessarily
put it together at the moment >< I'm starting school again and it will be
very hectic for me! stressed already -.-

I made this sometime this week for breakfast. I'm sorry for making
some of you drool over my amazing food :p but I'm someone who
NEEDS to eat breakfast and I want to make it as enjoyable as I
possibly can, while still being very healthy! I eat this 4-5 days a week
and it usually isn't with a bagel, but just toasted bread... the bagel
is special because my mom buys them randomly, but this tastes the
best with the bagel to be honest... either way it's healthy and yummy :)

The strawberries are special too, because I usually get to eat them on
the weekends, or 1 day of the week. I live with 6 other people so I mean...
I wish I could have all the strawberries, but that would be rather selfish :p

I haven't been posting any outfit photos because I either keep forgetting
or the weather is just plain horrible -.- I love my natural lighting and I've
been quite busy with school this past week, trying to figure out my schedule.

Here's a song I am currently addicted to :D
and honestly, I'm glad we have Bruno Mars.
Is it just me or I haven't seen or heard from a 'good' singer in a while?
To me, the songs out there all sound very similar and there's nothing
'fresh' that really makes me listen to something over and over again ><
(and I want good lyrics too... I mean legit... not repetitive words -.-)

I know there are a lot of good singers out there and I'm not saying
that there aren't. Any suggestions?

I'm also on instagram and post photos quite often. Here are just a few :)
The first photo was when I was still in the Netherlands.

Ric bought me this BOO pin from Disney in Paris :D
because it looked like me... when I was younger lol

I had the sushi (technically kimbap) for lunch today :)
in my awesome Tarepanda lunch box :p

hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)

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