Monday, January 02, 2012

Scheveningen, a Fox, and slippers

I'm sure most of you in the Netherlands will know where this is :)
These are some photos I took in Scheveningen (in The Hague).
I've been there 3 times so far and would love to go there again every time I visit NL.

There is also an Aquarium near the beach along the side of the shops and restaurants.
The aquarium is called Sea World (I think >>) and is very much over priced >> 15 euro...
over priced because it's very small >> I made a video and will upload it onto YouTube soon...
I'll post it up when it's uploaded probably later in the week :)

I also purchased 2 small handbags at the Primark in Zaandam (beautiful city).
I believe they were around 7-10 euros each?

and 2 Christmas gifts I truly cherish :p
The fox handbag was gifted by Ric and the slippers from his sister :)

I went out for Dim Sum with my family this morning and after all that yummy goodness, we
went to a small Asian mall to buy some printer ink. They had a 'dollar' store there and look
what I found... >> a Charlie Chaplin whiteout/correction fluid =p awesome right? =p

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve :)
I was able to spend new year's in the Netherlands, Rome, and Canada :p
although I didn't enjoy the 14/15 hours of traveling time :(
and of course... Happy New Year :)

I am back home and the blogging begins :p


  1. ahahah the Charlie Chaplin correction fluid is so hilarious and cute!Nice pick ;)
    Well i didn't know that in the Netherlands they have such huge beaches they look beautiful :D
    i'm definitely checking your video i always love u know how others country look like!
    Loved those primark bags so fashion and wearable and the fox one and those slippers are so cute!!!
    Happy New Year as well honey, that all your wishes came true ;D
    A thousand Beijinhos (litle kisses)

  2. that purple and orange bag is gorgeous! i love it! :D

    <3, Mimi


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