Thursday, July 21, 2011

Suki to-go

I just received it this morning from and I can't
wait to try it when I go to New York for vacation :)

I was actually hoping that it would come in small containers...
I hate how I have to look for jars to put all this liquid in ><

I've been wanting to try their products. I think this is a good kit
to purchase if you are interested in their products and would like
to give it a try :) I've heard some many good results.

I did my nails this morning... but I accidentally ruined them -.-
so I had to take everything off :( shame -.-


  1. your nails are so cute! ive been going with bare nails for the last 6 weeks... i'm trying to motivate myself to do my nails again :P sorry to hear they got ruined.. that happens to me time to time too >_<

  2. nic nic: thanks, you should definitely do your nails
    again :) even something very simple will transform them =p


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