Thursday, September 01, 2011

Saffron Rouge - Suki. Alima. ilike

Saffron Rouge is an online shopping website for everything natural and/or organic.
Remember my post about the Suki to go balancing kit? well, I really liked their products
and I'm slowly finishing up my 100% Pure Purity Hydrating Tonique, so I decided to get
the Suki Balancing Toner.

The 100% Pure Toner and Suki Balancing toner have some of the same ingredients.
Suki's toner contains rose water and algae, which I think would be a good balance for
the colder season. Suki's products are gentle but effective. I have oily to combination
skin, so my opinions will be based around my skin type. I hope I can at least help a few
of you who have the same type of skin! :)

I am currently loving their Pure Balancing Facial Moisture, which is actually a facial oil.
I have never tried using a facial oil... because the thought of putting oil onto my face already
kind of freaks me out lol =p BUT it works, it conditions the skin, makes it feel more emollient
and healthily plump! and who doesn't want that? =p

So, I've been hearing about Alima Pure for a while now and have been wanting to try out their satin
matte blushes. I bought the shade in 'Apricot' and the actual product is quite small... smaller than the
palms of my hands. Don't be fooled by the size though... this is all mineral based and is extremely
pigmented! I think I overdid it the first time using it >< a little goes a very long way... let me tell you
that =p I only had 1 blush... and yes this is literally the SECOND blush I own lol =p I do like the shade,
but I wasn't used to it at first. It grew on me though... it made me look like I had a summer glow.
I'm used to the pinky, peachy blush look so it was a different makeup look for me... overall :)

Actually in all honesty, it made me feel like a model ;p

and because I really didn't want to pay for the shipping... I picked up a mask that is supposed to help
with hyperpigmentation. It better. lol :) The product sounds good and ilike is a brand from Hungary!
I have never tried any products from Hungary before, so I decided to pick up this Apple & Lemon
gel mask :) It seriously looks like baby food... >>

and many samples to try! I thought I only picked 2 samples, but apparently they gave me 5! :)
Most of the samples are from Dr. Hauschka :) another brand I like :) originating from Germany :)

If you are familiar with natural and/or organic skin care, the prices of these items are quite affordable...
except for the Apple & Lemon gel mask from ilike >> it was expensive and I probably will not purchase
it again... but it's my birthday in 29 days, so who cares =p I want to treat myself!

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  1. these sound great, and hey it's almost your birthday, go for it, right? ;)

    p.s. i'm gonna go check these out. :)

    <3, Mimi


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