Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sally Hansen and OPI glitter polishes

I recently got new nail polishes! mostly glitter ;p what fun :)

I've been wanting to try the new Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat.
The bottle is quite cute, while the cap has a metallic finish and the bottle itself
has more of a matte finish. The polish itself is like a milky white colour. I didn't
really get it for a specific purpose, but I do hope that it will help my nails from
splitting, especially during the winter months >< and in Canada... we have really
long winter months -.- which really kind of sucks... because I don't like freezing
cold weather! My room literally becomes a freezer ._.

Yes, off topic >< I picked up 3 OPI glitter polishes :)
(Left to right: 'I Lily Love You'. 'Last Friday Night'. 'Sparkle-icious')
I used 'I Lily Love You' recently for my 'Make a Wish...' nail design post :)

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