Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Current morning cleanser

I've been using the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser for over 2 months now.
I wanted to use the cleanser for a while before blogging about it ><
I also received a good amount of samples, including their ultra facial
oil free lotion and their rare earth daily lotion. I like both but prefer the
rare earth daily lotion for days I am at home because it doesn't work well
as a base under makeup >< makes my face look cakey and dry =\

The Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser is very gentle and you only need a pea
sized amount for it to cover the face. It lathers up really nicely... it foams
up slightly but there is a slight creamy feeling... it leaves the skin soft :)
I'm really liking this cleanser because of how simple it is... it's just... simple lol

and my nails look like this... this week :)

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colour: OPI 'Totally Fort Worth It' (2 coats)
Design: Konad M20 dandelions
Top: Konad top coat


  1. i love all the nail styles you have in your blog. seriously, can i make you my personal nail stylist? XP

  2. erisha: lol thanks =p sure... anytime haha :)


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