Friday, November 25, 2011

Hippie Chic

black shirt (H&M). floral fringe/tasseled top (F21). black skinnies (Urban Planet). belt (Ardene)

(November 28: I was WRONG, the quality of this top is the worst I have ever
come across! My mom was helping me hand wash the top because clearly you
do not put this in the washer/dryer. The next thing you know, the tassels were
fraying at the end and the thread was just coming apart! This is just so sad :(
I loved this top. It also left a small hole, which is somewhat typical of polyester,
but after ONE wash!? ridiculous! The only way to fix this is to do a small knot
at the end of ever single tassel hanging... >< which I will try my best to do,
but this is upsetting...)

I fell in love with this floral fringe/tasseled top the first time I saw it on the F21 website!
I was hoping it would go on sale, but it never did for over a month... about 1-2 weeks
ago, they were having a Buy 1 Get 1 sale and this top was in that section!!! I was afraid
it would be too big for me, according to the measurements. I'm quite petite and I was
also worried about the quality. I'm happy I got it... for free! (technically =p) It was around
$33 before the sale and went down to $22 :) I'm happy with the quality and even though
it is a bit over sized, it looks fine when belted :) I love the colours and the print! :)

I'll be posting up a new nail design tomorrow! :)

For lunch, I made myself an omelette with turkey breast ham sandwich :)
Sprinkled some cinnamon and Parmesan on top :) yummy!

Hope most of you had a nice Thanksgiving :)
Canada is also having a Black Friday sale today,
but it can never compare to the one in the States >>

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  1. love the tassle details and the vibrant colours.. wish i saw that in f21!


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