Thursday, November 10, 2011

100% Pure and little reviews!

My super simple outfit above >>
just something very casual for class :)

Asos Fur Snood . $13.07cad
I've been wanting a faux fur stool or scarf for a while
and Asos had this particular faux fur snood on sale! It
looked cute on the model, so I decided to get it. It's
quite massive in person lol =p I had to wear it to show
you how it looks because taking a photo of it by itself
looked flat and awkward ><

I recently purchased a few things from 100% Pure because
they had a $50 or over Free Shipping :) I needed a new toner
and I liked their Hydrating Tonique. It really does help to keep
my skin somewhat clear throughout the month.

I wanted to try their Purity Cleanser + Mask and compare it to
the Naruko Acne Clay Cleanser. They have the same concept
where you can either use it as a mask or as a daily cleanser.

I have been eying at their Seaweed Facial Mask! I know that skincare
products that contain a fair amount of algae or kelp helps to improve
the skin's texture and balances the oil. Plus, it's light green! :) All you
have to do is mix it with water or yogurt to create a paste :) yum.

My hair is always frizzy, especially during the winter >< 100% Pure
offers hair care products as well, so I decided to try their Glossy Locks
Smooth & Moisture Hair Balm :) it works quite well and is very light.
I don't feel it on my hair at all and it's not greasy!

Ok I kind of have a negative comment for the 100% Pure Mascara (mini).
First off, I never wear mascara so I can't really compare it to other brands
but I have used other brands in the past. This mascara has a dry formula,
and is supposed to help hold the lashes better especially if you have shorter
eyelashes. I personally have neither short or long lashes... I'm quite happy
with the length of my lashes to be honest. I'll make a list of the Pros/Cons:
- smells like blueberries (literally!)
- lengthens the lashes
- separates the lashes
- pigmented
- holds the curl, but not for the whole day
- doesn't sting my eyes within' an hour
(this is why I don't wear mascara because they sting my eyes ><)
- dry formula (not for everyone)
- clumps a tiny tiny bit near the tips of the lashes
- a bit messy to use when applying... it somehow transfers
onto my lid, no matter how much I tilt my head up or down ><
- brush may be a bit too big
- doesn't hold the curl for the whole day

So it was the week of Halloween when I made my order and
you get a full size Dark Chocolate Syrup Bubble Bath with
a purchase of $75+. I'm planning on giving this as a gift just
because I never take bubble baths at home and honestly... who
wouldn't want a dark chocolate bubble bath!? yummy =p

OOOH and I was one of the winners for one of their facebook contests!
I'm not sure what I won though lol =p I think blotting sheets :) yay!

Oops, almost forgot the TREASURE FIND of the week!

I am always on the lookout for natural fragrances and I stumbled upon
2 lovely sellers on Etsy who have lovely light fruit/citrus fragrances.
I don't wear perfume and if I do, I like it to be very subtle and light.
I'm not a huge fan of florals or anything powdery. I do like a tinge of
Jasmine and _______ (can't remember the flower -.-).

I am still on the hunt for the Body Shop's Satsuma Perfume oil dupe!

Does 'Pink Watermelon', 'Mermaid Kisses', 'Vanilla Hazelnut',
'Honeymoon Romance', and 'White Tea & Linen' sound wonderful
to you? then check out these 2 lovely sellers! :D

ElloPoppetBeauty                                                              Etiquettes

I'll try not to introduce another Etsy seller next week =p
It's just too addicting >>

and I am very sorry for the super massive, clustered post ><


  1. Thanks so much for including my perfume oil in your post!.. Lovely! - Best wishes.. ello poppet.

  2. ello poppet: you are very welcome!

  3. I'd like to try the chocolate bubble bath!!!

  4. i need a new toner so the hydrating tonique sure sounds great to me. and wow, seaweed facial mask?! plus, that dark chocolate bubble bath just might make me want to take a bubble bath. ;)

    p.s. congrats on winning their facebook contest!

    <3, Mimi


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