Monday, November 28, 2011

Salmon Salad Rolls

I know you want to eat this! but sorry, it's already in my tummy :)

I found this in the fridge and was starving... and it didn't say it was anyone's >>
So I ate it :)

I've been reaching for this wine red sweater a lot recently.
Keeps me warm and great for layering! :)

sparkly grey tank (H&M). wine sweater (Zipia). black skinnies (Urban Planet). belt (don't remember)


  1. that salmon rolls looked super tasty! and i love that maroon sweater, beautiful :)


  2. That looks SO good and the sweater looks super warm!

  3. you read my mind, i want those rolls! yum!!! :D

    and i also want your sweater, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  4. Wynne Prasetyo: thank you for visiting!
    Angie: thank you for the comment! agreed :)
    Mimi: :) lol
    Nichole B: thank you and yes it does! :)
    Vintage Process: thank you for visiting and thank you!

  5. the wrap looks really yum! did you make that?! Love the belt and layering. I seem to look inflated when I try to do that. Damn those hips!

  6. Nic Nic: no unfortunately not lol =p someone bought
    it from a grocery store but was still pretty fresh :)


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