Friday, November 18, 2011

Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal

I've only had oatmeal twice in the past but recently I've been addicted
to eating it for breakfast. It's healthy, fast, easy, and delicious :)
I'm currently liking the Maple & Brown Sugar flavour, but I would
love to try the Apple & Cinnamon! :) I'm thinking of buying just the
oats and adding my own flavours :) do you guys like oatmeal?

I hope my friend doesn't see this >>
I bought this card online from Forever21... I couldn't resist!
It's too cute and I thought of my friend right away lol. She
likes to bake and we're technically 'food buddies' because we
always go out to new places to eat whenever we see eachother :)
I thought the crowns were chef hats -.-

Since I didn't do a Treasure Find post yesterday, I decided to include it in this post :)
If you like to bake or love to eat pie, you might like this awesome baking pan!
I like having a choice of two different flavours of pie. You can also take out the
divider if you want the pie as a whole :)

Looking at these photos already make me hungry for pie -.-

You can purchase this pan from THE SPOON SISTERS :)
It's very affordable at only $17.95!
Unfortunately, they only ship to the United States :(


  1. I LOVE maple and brown sugar oatmeal it's my favorite flavor ever :).

    That pie pan is totally awesome!!!

  2. Hi Peji!!
    Oh girl that oatmeal looks yummy!! I also eat oatmeal for breakfast! I eat mine with soy yogurt (i'm allergic to lactose) and sometimes i put some cinnamon when i'm craving that extra touch;p
    And the b-day card is adorable she'll love it!!

  3. lol thats kinda of cool that you can bake 2 different pie and put it as 1 actually!! I've never seen that before haha

  4. Amy: it's delicious, yum :)
    Ana: ooh, I've never had it with soy yogurt, sounds
    interesting and yummy as well! I love cinnamon :)
    Pop Champagne: agreed :)

  5. gasp, that pan is fantastic! i have to check that out. :)

    i haven't had oatmeal in a while, perhaps tomorrow would be a good day to make some. that card is soooo cute, btw! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. I love oat prridge! but i prefer the rolled types.. they sell the normal stuff here (imported from US) and it's so pricey!


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