Monday, March 05, 2012

daily summer essentials

Yah... I said 'summer' :p

Although I wouldn't recommend using the Quash Natural hand
sanitizer in the summer because it might actually attract the bugs ><

I am itching for spring to come, let alone summer :(
but it's always nice to know ahead of time what you MIGHT need :)

Quash Natural Hand Sanitizer (50ml)
Ingredients: aqua, manuka honey +20, aloe vera, zinc pca,
white willow bark extract, radish root filtrate, stay c50 (liquid vitamin c),
white tea solubiliser, lavender essential oil, and lime essential oil

- nice subtle honey and aloe scent
- does indeed clean your hands
- slightly moisturizing but will not replace your hand lotion/cream
- nice slim packaging
* I bought it here :) get it when it's on sale! :)

Neostrata Body Smoothing Lotion (240ml)
Okay, some of you may be like $34 is expensive for a body lotion!
but NO, it is not just any body lotion :p it contains 10% glycolic acid
which helps to remove the dead skin cells a lot faster. This is such a
great product for the summer!

- helps ingrown hairs
- smooths the skin's surface
- leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth
- effective in less than a week, you can definitely see the results!
- you don't need to use a lot, as it spreads quite evenly
- this replaces my ingrown hair roll on
- doubles as a moisturizer! yay
* I bought mine here :)

Quantum Health Buzz Away Insect Repellent (60ml)
I get bitten all the time during the summer :(
Mosquito's LOVE ME, wth and I DO NOT LOVE THEM -.-
They say it's because you have 'sweet blood' >>

- I feel like you have to spray yourself 2-3 times before it's really effective
- sometimes you can feel bugs trying to get near you and then suddenly
  they'll fly away because of the insect repellent... which is good, but the
  feeling is so WEIRD and creepy ><
- scent is kind of strong and citrusy/limey
- still on the hunt for an awesome natural insect repellent
* I bought mine here :)

and no I am not sponsored by lol I just happened to get all
of the items from the same website :p They have pretty good deals!


  1. I would love to try that hand sanitizer!

    ***** Marie *****

    1. definitely worth a try!
      non-drying unlike most alcohol based sanitizers :)


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