Thursday, March 29, 2012

Julep Maven!

My first Julep Maven box :)

It didn't take long for it to arrive and I was surprised at how undamaged
the box was XD everything was wrapped carefully and nothing was broken :)

It also came with a cute nail file :) always handy to have :)

I remember going to Niagara with Ric, he accidentally broke my pinky nail...
and I didn't bring a nail clipper or file -.- since we were only staying for a
few days, I didn't think I would need it :( haha anyway random note there :p

I love the colours :) I like any type of light pink so I can't wait to try the Jennifer :)
When I was ordering the box, I was thinking that I would give the purple to my
mom as part of her Mother's Day gift, and I am still definitely going to do that.
This is exactly the shade my mom would go for every time! such a lovely purple :)

I've never tried a hand scrub before, so this will be interesting.
The ingredients list is VERY promising as well!
I love how they are using natural ingredients :)

This is my referral link if you are interested :)
When you refer to 2 friends, you get a free month! :)
For new members, use the code COLOR2012 to get your first box for a penny!


  1. Ooh! Pretty colours! I don't remember which box I chose this month, but now I'm hoping it's this one haha xx

  2. i'm sure your mom would love the purple one :) very pretty shade!

  3. Oh what a cute little package! Looks like some great goodies! :)

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