Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I decided to order a toner on iherb.com on March 13 and just got my
package this morning... I have been waiting forever! or at least it seemed
like it >< I've been trying to look for more natural, basic, inexpensive
alternatives when buying skincare. I used to look for products that would
contain a ton of ingredients, but now I realized that simple is better.

For new customers, you get $5 off your first purchase.
I have a personal code... feel free to use it :p IJI628

For a toner, I was looking for something that contained witch hazel, rose water,
and some form of a moisturizing ingredient = Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel
with Aloe Vera toner! :) what a lovely match :)

I believe this was around $6-7 and because it was my first time shopping
on there, I received an $8 discount for the month of March (usually $5).
Shipping was $6, so I basically paid $6 for this toner + shipping :D but
now I realized that I should have ordered more... because of the shipping
time >< I wanted to try the Acure dry shampoo but they were out of
stock... then the next day after I ordered, they were in stock -.-

After class, I decided to go to Shoppers to pick up a few items, since some of
the things I eventually need/wanted were on sale :D plus I had a coupon to get
20x the points :p so I couldn't let that opportunity get away :p

I picked up the Livingetc magazine, which is now currently my favourite
living/interior design magazine :) I also picked up my go-to acne treatment,
the Vichy Normaderm Active Anti-Imperfection Concentrate. I have always
wanted to try their acne concealer stick, so I picked that up as well. I thought
it would be a good item to have in my purse, to the beach, to travel, etc :)

I have been hunting for a new eyelash curler and the Quo eyelash curler (in gold),
has clearly and ultimately FAILED me >> it's too wide and flat for my eye shape ><
I think I'm going to sell it, as I already opened the package :( I was choosing between
the Quo and the Revlon, I should have gone with my instincts and went with Revlon -.-
The Quo eyelash curler does curl well though, just needs a bit of adjusting to :(

Last item... my Schick Quattro :) self explanatory :p

no nail post this week sorry :( I'm supposed to go get an MRI scan this Friday
on my hand/arm, so my mom told me to not wear any nail polish? although I'm
still not sure how that relates... does it? =\


  1. ohmygosh, i love witch hazel! i use a toner from dickinson's though, but this looks interesting, i might have to look into it. :)

    <3, Mimi
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    1. I've actually never used a witch hazel based toner before!
      I've heard many good things about it, just decided to try
      it out :p I've been seeing Dickinson's around lately. I'll
      have to check out that brand :)

  2. that toner sounds amazing.. sometimes natural is best! hope your MRI goes well!

    1. Thank you Nic Nic!
      I hope it goes well too ><
      never had an MRI before!

  3. i've been looking for a really good toner, rose scent would smell good, but with my experience, witch hazel smells kinda funny. i really want to try this! i think i'll buy it with the code too! thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Hi Jill, aw yah I've heard that it has a weird smell,
      I guess I'll find out when I start using the toner XD
      and no problem! Thank you for commenting! :)

  4. i love the thayer's witch hazel toner. i recently ordered a replacement bottle from well.ca and the shipping was very fast. it came to my house within a few days because the warehouse is located in ontario (i believe). i wanted to order from iherb like i normally would, but i've run out of creditcards to use the 5$ off coupon code lol. it would have been much cheaper if i had ordered off of iherb! i think they may have changed the price to their shipping because i don't remember their shipping to be so much..6$?! it used to only be 4$! you may like the queen helene mint julep mask which you can get off iherb as well. natural ingredients!

    i think my first lash curler was a revlon one. i don't remember liking it very much. try the shiseido or shu uemura? i have the shu uemura and it's the best lash curler i've used.

    i was at a makeup warehouse sale over the weekend and saw a bunch of vichy products! but i have never tried their stuff!


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