Monday, March 12, 2012

Lipton Green Tea Superfruit

I like drinking tea, especially during the winter. Although I'm drinking less now that
the weather is getting warmer. The weather is truly changing my mood in a good way :p

Lipton was offering 2 samples of your choice from their new Green tea Superfruit line.
I decided to get the Black Currant with Vanilla and the Purple Acai with Blueberry :)

I tried the Purple Acai with Blueberry the other night and it was nice.
The scent was green tea, but it had a little 'sour candy' scent to it >>
not sure how to describe it, but I'm not a huge fan of it ><

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colour: OPI 'I Don't Give a Rotterdam'
Glitter: China Glaze 'Liquid Crystal'
Design: Konad image plate M85 (which is barely even visible >>)
Top: Konad top coat

Okay, I honestly didn't want to post this nail design because I don't
really like it lol -.- I love the OPI nail colour alone though... >>

I have a new nail design idea in mind, so be sure to check back next week :p


  1. I am not a big tea fan but my whole family is! I also loveee the nail polish.. I wish I was better at painting my own nails!

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    1. Hi Jessie, thank you for dropping by :)
      just take your time when painting your nails!
      it should be relaxing :p somewhat

  2. I think it's nice to try different teas, too bad you didn't like the acai tea, it sounded good.

    ***** Marie *****

    1. yah I was expecting it to be my favourite, but the
      'sour candy' smell kind of puts me off and you don't
      taste much of the acai/blueberry either ><

  3. Oh yumm, they had this offer in Australia too :) But with five other flavours like cranberry and mandarin orange? Hadn't tried them all yet, but pomegranate is amazing. Oh no, I'm not a fan of sour candies T.T get my face all >.< I really do like the base colour of your nails, it's lovely!

    1. ooh pomegranate sounds good :)
      thank you :)

  4. i got the these sample teas last week too :) along with some other brand / 4 other ones!!

  5. hmmm tea :9

    your nail art still came out pretty :)

    i nominated you by the way!

  6. Love your nails! I also love tea, but haven't tried that kind. I'll buy it next time I'm at the store.

  7. our nails are gorgeous.. how do you make such a simple design look so GOOD!

  8. oops i meant to say "your" ^^;


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