Tuesday, March 06, 2012

March Lustings ☆

01 La Mer Diamond Star Watch . 02 Rainbow Mystic ring . 03 H&M Starfish ring . 04 catbird star ring
05 Valentino bag . 06 OPI 'I Don't Give a Rotterdam' . 07 Kate Spade wallet . 08 Sugar Boudoir Candle

Just some things I am lusting over :p
I feel like I am out of ideas for my blog =\
I can't wait until spring, so I can do more fashion related posts :)

The weather is slowly getting warmer! it's supposed to be around
12 degrees Celsius tomorrow, which is quite nice after all that -10
degrees weather here for the past week ><

There are some movies I would like to watch though :p


  1. I also want to see those movies!! Japan is so slow with released haha...

    Nice picks.. love the jewelry ones especially!

    1. aw yah I know some movies come out later in other countries ><
      and thanks :p

  2. The starfish ring is cute, nice pick!

    The weather here is crazy. One day it's hot and next day, it's super cold. I need the typical SoCal winter.

    ***** Marie *****

    1. I haven't seen the starfish ring in stores yet :(
      It's on their website though, strange ><


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