Friday, March 09, 2012


I truly love this magazine! Inspired is a magazine by Sobey's, a supermarket/grocery store.
Unfortunately this is the last issue I will be getting in the mail, but you can now pick it up
in stores for free or view all their recipes and videos on the website! :D exciting!

I mainly love this magazine because of the design, but also the food photography.
They also offer great healthy tips and recipes, which is great for anyone who is
interested in cooking or finding easy ways to make food :)

I love asparagus!

They had an amazing Speedy morning meals article which you can check out online here :)
They're all very easy, healthy, and quick to make. Breakfast is always important and for those
of you who skip it, at least have a big lunch and less for dinner!

I love radish and I know some people don't, but does this not look lovely? :p
and finally, something we should all try out!
I found this recipe being unique and fun, reminded me of something you can find at Starbucks :p


  1. wow, this magazine looks amazing! and it's free?! :D

    i loooove looking at photos of food -- and i love asparagus! plus, that hot chocolate looks delicious!

    <3, Mimi

    1. haha yah it's free :p too good to be true :p
      yah I don't have peppermint tea but I'm definitely
      going to pick some up and try the recipe :)

  2. oh i loved that idea for the morning meals!!i like to have fun and experiment with my breakfast, i'll probably try a few specially that French toast sounds & looks yummy!
    I really don't like asparagus yuck :p ahaha
    Keep showing new and cool inspirations Peji i loved these one!;D

    1. yum french toast :)
      aw asparagus is good for you! :p
      thanks :)

  3. This magazine looks awesome! I cook a lot for my husband, and I am not the best at it, so any help would be good!

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  4. Free magazine about good food?! Can't beat that!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. this made me so hungry, it's awesome that they look so good and are super healthy, i just started eating radishes last year, i can't believe i missed out, i really like them! especially those red ones, so good to eat with soft tacos lol.



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