Thursday, April 07, 2011

Priti Polish Galore!

Well, well, well look what we have here! =] I recently ordered some Priti Polishes from some 2 weeks ago (I requested for 3 other colours that wasn't available on the website, so it took a bit longer but so worth it! Karen, the owner is extremely nice). I got the package this morning and was sent out some time last week, so not bad =]

- Fairy Thimbles
- Bluestar (very similar to China Glaze's 'For Audrey' but lighter)
- September Charm (similar to OPI's 'Coney Island Cotton Candy')
- Ballerina Peony (I adore this colour)
- Ruffled Velvet Iris

are the names not beautiful/cute or what!? =]

I ordered 4 more colours, but I am going to sell them because they're colours I either already have or don't see myself wearing =p

Prince Charming, Chelsea Star, Blue Moon Clematis (very similar to OPI's 'Significant Other Color"), and Dorothy Palm.

I thought Prince Charming would be a lot lighter, but it reminded me of China Glaze's 'Flipflop Fantasy'... which the 2 aren't alike at all but they are both very bright. Flipflop Fantasy is more peachy (neon)

I am wearing Priti Polish in 'September Charm'


  1. thanks for following commenting and joining my giveaway :) Your nails are super cute!


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