Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zipia Love & Free wallpapers

The picture explains itself <3

I also made 2 new wallpapers, feel free to use them for personal use only. Thanks =]

Both of them are 1440x900 (my screen size)

I believe this is an ad for alcohol? not sure but I like to think it's for tea XD

I made these wallpapers from Japanese magazine scans.
enjoy =]

and just some of the outfits I'm liking + cute cat =]


  1. wow your designs are awesome... there are ethereal feel about it :)

  2. O my god, I have a sudden urge to drink whisky now.


  3. nic nic: thanks =] glad you like them

    R: >< never had whisky but doubt it tastes good lol

    Maddalena: thanks =]


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